Why I Do It


The Lightbulb Moment

I was serving a small, inner city church in Denver. The majority of my congregation was hovering around the poverty level. They didn't have access to financial advisors or career counselors or social workers. I was it. The lightbulb went off during a pastoral care session with a parishioner who was on the brink of homelessness after the car he depended on for work broke down and he couldn't pay his rent. "You work three jobs, how are you so broke?" I asked him. "I don't know!" he answered. "Well, let's find out", and I pulled out some paper and we started making lists of all his expenses and set up a plan for the 18-month journey that would have him working one job and be financially stable. "Wow", he said, "I didn't actually expect you to help me!".  The light bulb went off that our church people, clergy candidates and colleagues need more than we are taught to provide them. They need help with transitions of all types, with breaking destructive generational systems, healing from traumas that hold them back, and finding passion in their vocation. Training as a coach to supplement ministry, spiritual direction and non-profit management degrees tied it all together. I love working with clergy and clergy candidates because I see the fire and the passion as we evaluate where you are, where you come from, and where you truly need to be so you can be excited and effective in ministry.    

What I Do


Clergy and Candidate Coaching

Passion, effectiveness and calling can be challenging to maintain.  Let's work together to find what God is calling you to do now and make a plan to achieve it.  You are so sacred it flows from you and ought to be tattooed on your arm for all to see. But when you are buried under Charge Conference forms and meetings and difficult staff and ordination paperwork, that sacred well can start to run dry. Clergy Coaching is a process to rediscover your passions and find where you need to be now to be fulfilled and effective. 

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How I Do It

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