About Whole Soul Consulting

Are you seeking to be more fulfilled or more effective in your ministry, or have you upset the apple cart and your District Superintendent has 'suggested' you seek counsel? As a United Methodist Clergywoman and certified coach, I would love the opportunity to help you find passion, transform your ministry or congregation, and be more fulfilled in all you do. Drop me a note and let's get started. I'm not big on filling out forms, so we'll start with a conversation. 

  In addition to general clergy and candidate for ordination coaching, I have a program specifically designed for clergy in the Holston Conference to meet the standards set forth in the Flourishing in Ministry: Review, Renew, and Retool program. Sessions can be held in person for many in the 

Holston Conference, over the phone or via FaceTime or Skype.  

I will  also continue to provide coaching and spiritual support to clergy and candidates across the country.

About Me


Written in the third person, cause that's not weird or anything......

 With a Masters in Divinity from Perkins School of Theology at Southern Methodist University and Coaching Certification from internationally recognized Coach Training Alliance in Boulder, CO, Rev. Jessica Boyce blends pastoral care, coaching, personal experience and theology to help you find success and fulfillment as you journey in ministry and in life. She has been working with clergy and candidates for ordained ministry since 2012 and founded Whole Soul in 2014 following inquiries for support after presenting Young Clergy Serving Historic Churches at the United Methodist School for Congregational Development in 2013. Supported by a Board of Directors comprised of ordained clergy, current candidates for ordination and United Methodist laity, Whole Soul Consulting is a team committed to bringing you the most meaningful, relevant and personalized spiritual care for your ministry journey and beyond. 

What Clients Say



 Rev. Jessica is extremely passionate about helping people to discern their call to ministry. The first time I met Jessica I told her about my passions for the church and how I felt like I did not know where to turn next in continuing the candidacy process. She took an immediate interest in me and we scheduled a time to meet that week. Since then she has stood by my side every step of the way offering honest and caring feedback that has been invaluable. She is an amazing, justice filled pastor, individual, and mentor who I am fortunate to have in my life and path towards ordained ministry in the UMC.

-Kaitlin, Chaplain 




Rev. Jessica saw something in me that I'd lost track of. Epiphany is not too strong a word for my experience with her counseling. She took the time to get to know me, then helped me find a direction. The direction was always there, I just needed someone to clear away the cobwebs. I needed someone who could help me see the whole forest even from amidst the trees. That's what Jessica does. She is empowering and she is an architect and builder of self-esteem for her clients. I thank God for her every day.  

~John M. 


Ordination Support

 Rev. Jessica Boyce has been my mentor in ministry since 2012 through my journey toward ordained ministry as I graduated with my M.Div and moved on to an internship and eventually my first pastoral appointment. I have received so much support from Rev. Jessica. She is truly a pastor through and through. She cares for both your professional and personal journey through life, and helps you to integrate one with the other as you navigate the local church and the United Methodist Church and its requirements. While under her direct supervision, she was willing to meet with me as needed, provided me with examples from her own experience and asked questions to guide me toward finding my own unique answers and ideas for how to handle something in ministry and how to go about preparing for candidacy paperwork and interviews. I cannot say enough about the impact Rev. Jessica has had in my professional and personal life and give her my full recommendation to help others in this way as she goes forward!

~Rev. Melissa